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Curt Teich 1934 Century of Progress Postcard Series

36A1 4A-H565 Administration Building

36A2 3A-H247 Fort Dearborn

36A3 4A-H567 Looking South over the World's Fair Grounds

36A4 4A-H568 Travel and Transport Building

36A5 4A-H551 Travel and Transport Building

36A6 3A-H634 General Motors Building

36A7 4A-H570 Federal Building

36A8 3A-H637 Chrysler Building

36A9 3A-H636 Enchanted Island

36A10 3A-H517 Sky Ride

36A11 4A-H575 Hall of Science

36A12 3A-H396 Hall of Science

36A13 4A-H553 Three Fluted Towers Around Dome of Federal Bldg

36A14 4A-H554 Electrical Building

36A15 4A-H556 Bird's-eye View of Belgian Village

36A16 3A-H906 Giant Thermometer

36A17 3A-H336 Intramural Bus with Hall of Science in Background

36A18 4A-H557 General Exhibits Group

36A19 4A-H558 "Old Heidelberg"

36A20 3A-H476 Illinois Host House

36A21 4A-H587 Approaching Entrance to the Belgian Village

36A22 4A-H588 Avenue of Flags

36A23 4A-H967 Ford Exposition Building

36A24 4A-H969 Fountain

36A25 4A-H971 Streets of Paris

36A26 4A-H571 Hall of Science

36A27 3A-H652 Avenue of Flags

36A28 3A-H655 Three Fluted Towers

36A29 3A-H8 Sky Ride

36A30 4A-H579 Beautiful Federal Building at Night

36A31 3A-H11 Golden Temple of Jehol by Night

36A32 4A-H555 Electrical Building by Night

36A33 3A-H659 General Motors Building

36A34 3A-H581 Rocket Cars Crossing Lagoon

36A35 3A-H580 Night View of World's Fair Grounds from Observation Platform of Sky Ride

36A36 3A-H582 Fireworks Display over Lagoon

36A37 3A-H775 Chrysler Building, by Night

36A38 4A-H968 Ford Exposition Building by Night

36A39 4A-H970 Fountain by Night

36A40 4A-H1015 Italian Village

36A41 4A-H1014 Merrie England

36A42 4A-H1013 Irish Village

36A43 4A-H 972 Horticultural Building

36A44 4A-H1019 Dutch Village

36A45 4A-H1016 Colonial Village

36A46 4A-H1018 Avenue of Flags

36A47 4A-H1011 Black Forest

36A48 4A-H1010 Swiss Village

36A49 4A-H1012 Black Forest

36A50 4A-H1017 Midget City




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