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R. R. Donnelley Century of Progress Black & White Postcard Series

200 Chinese Lama Temple
202 Altar in Chinese Lama Temple
203 Laughing Buddha in Chinese Temple
204 Carved Ceiling of Chinese Temple
206 Electrical Group from Lagoon
207 Hall of Science
208 Carillon Tower at Night
209 Court Yard, Fort Dearborn
210 Replica of Fort Dearborn
211 Travel and Trnsport Building
212 Bas Relief, Radio Building
213 The Wigwam, Lincoln Group
214 Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace
215 Abraham Lincoln's Indiana Home
216 Administration Building
217 Byrd's South Pole Ship
218 Bird's Eye View—Exposition
219 Alligator Farm
220 Seminole Indian Village
221 Entrance—Seminole Indian Village
222 Seminoles—Father and Son
223 Northerly Isle from the Lagoon
224 Japanese Garden and Pavilion
225 General Motors Building at Night
226 Hall of Science and Electrical Group from Skyride
227 Lagoon and Island from Boardwalk
228 The Midway
229 Illinois Host Building
230 Court of the Electrical Building
231 Lagoon and Island from the Skyride
232 Upper Court—Hall of Science
233 Electrical Building—Illuminated
234 Electrical Building at Night
235 Murals—General Electric Exhibit
236 Pylons—Hall of Social Science
237 Alpine Garden
238 Old Mill—Horticulture Garden
239 The Dinosaur—Sinclair Exhibit
240 Hall of Religion
241 Hall of Religion from Lagoon
242 Entrance—Hall of Religion
243 Hall of Religion from Board Walk
244 Carillon Tower--Belgian Village
245 Café de la Paix—Streets of Paris
246 The Strawman—Enchanted Island
247 Adler Planetarium
248 Entrance—Streets of Paris
249 Streets of Paris
250 The Bridge—Belgian Village
251 Town Hall—Midget Village
252 Dog Cart—Belgian Village
253 Sr. Nicholas Church—Belgian Village
254 Belgian Village
255 The Swedish Pavilion
256 The Swedish Pavilion—At Night
257 Interior—Swedish Pavilion
258 The Havoline Thermometer
259 Cathedral of Ulm (Hall of Religion)




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