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Century of Progress Exhibitor Postcard Series

Note: Many of these series are incomplete.

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

Century of Railroad Progress
Changing Horses
Colonel Schoonmaker
First Meeting of Founders
Locust Point
Roseby's Rock
The Horse Wins the Race
The Pathfinders
Twenty Minutes to Eat
When the Atlas Came to Frederick

Black Forest Village

A View from the Toboggan Slide
Exterior View
Ice Pond
Mountain Dwellings
North Gate
Old Watch Tower
Skaters on the Ice Pond (LeMaire & Reynolds)
Storks of Marbach
Street Scene
The Dance Floor over Ice Pond
The Market Place
The Promenade
Towers of the Black Forest Village
Wine Stube

Burlington Route

50 Years of Progress in Locomotives 1934
Burlington Zephyr 1934
Giants of Speed and Power
Seventy Years Progress Railway Post 1934

Chinese Imperial Gold Collection

"Circular Twin Box" in gold open work
Desk ornament of rock-crystal …
Imperial Scepter of the Emperor…

Colonial Village

Ben Franklin's Print Shop
Betsy Ross House
Birth of Our Nation's Flag--Betsy Ross House
Governor's Mansion
House of Seven Gables 1668
Meeting Street
Minuet on Village Green, Mount Vernon
Old State House, Boston
Paul Revere's House 1650-1680
Rendezvous Puzlet, Printshop
The Village Blacksmith by Longfellow
Village Green
"Wakefield" Washington's Birthplace

Colonial Village

Rendezvous Puzlet, Printshop
The Village Blacksmith by Longfellow

Cuneo Press

Gutenberg Type Foundry
Gutenberg Workshop--Type Cases
Plant Models--Chicago-Philadelphia-
Studio--Fine Hand Bindings
Studio--Leonard Mounteney Tooling Book

Darkest Africa

Abdul the Witch Doctor performing rites
Ashanti natives displaying female drum
Duke Kwesi Kuntu…displaying instruments
Duke Kwesi Kuntu…welcome Prince A G
Prince Adeliayo Glawumi of Abeokutah, N
Prince Adeliayo Glawumi, Witch Doctor ---
Two natives of Kamaroon, Congo & Masamba

Firestone Tire & Rubber 1933

Firestone Automatic Curing Molds
Firestone Multi-Color Pylons
Firestone Patented Gum-Dipping Process
Firestone Singing Color Fountain
World's Most Modern Tire Factory

Firestone Tire & Rubber 1934

Factory and Exhibition Building
Firestone Patented Gum-Dipping Process
Firestone Rubber Plantation
Firestone Singing Color Fountain
Floral Mark of Quality
Modern Tire Factory


Florida Garden (Pan Fountain / Orange Tree)
Florida Hall, Court of States
Spirit of Florida Statue, Florida Hall
Sponge Boat & Deep Sea Museum
Statue of Ponce De Leon, garden
Tropical Home, Arts & Crafts Division


Ford Drama of Transportation--Carriages
Ford Drama of Transportation--Cars
Ford Drama of Transportation--Part of Collection
Ford Expostion Building
Ford Expostion--Main Entrance
"Ford World" at Chicago
Hanging Cars
History in the Making (Oil Painting)
Machinery for Ford Soy Bean Barn
Racing Car "999"

Hall of Religion

Lord's Last Supper
Replica of altar at Ulm Cathedral
Ulm Cathedral, front view
Ulm Cathedral, side view
World's Smallest Bible, in fingers
World's Smallest Bible, in spoon

International Business Machines

IBM exhibit, models 700 machines 1933
IBM exhibit, Corinthian Building, ext. 1933
IBM exhibit, Interior 1933
IBM exhibit, types of machines 1934

International Harvester 1933

Dairy Exhibit in the Agricultural Building
Famous International Harvester Truck
Miss Lillian Anderson, Queen of a Century of Progress (on tractor)
Section of the International Harvester Company Exhibit

International Harvester 1934

Dairy Exhibit in Farm Machinery Hall
Radio controlled tractor (outdoors)
Spinning and Balling Binder Twine in Farm Machinery Hall


Feeding Silk Worms
Hsinking, New Capital of Manchoukuo
Japanese Pavillion and Garden
Model of the Nikko District
Replica of Mount Vernon
Tea Girls in Native Costumes

King Solomon Temple

Great Porch / Gate to inner Court
Israel Eccamped / Bird's-Eye View
Model of King solomon's Temple

Kraft Mayonaise

Jar-Filling Machine
Labelling Machine
The Kraft Mayonnaise Kitchen (exterior)
The Kraft Mayonnaise Kitchen (interior)

Merrie England

Red Lion Inn
Bagpipers on the Village Green
Christ Church--Newgate
Hampton Court Palace Gate
Harvard House
Interior, Ye Olde Cheshyre Cheese
John Knox's House-Edinburgh
Jolly Mermaid Inn
Leycester Court
Morris Dancers--Village Green
Norman Gateway
North Gate--Allington Castle
Old Curiosity Shop
Shakespeare's Old Globe Theatre
Stage of Old Gloge Theatre
Stratford Place--Shakespeare House
Village Green
Wine Office Court
Ye Olde Cheshyre Cheese

Messmore & Damon, World a Million Years Ago

Ground Sloth

Minnesota Arrowhead

8 different scenes with same caption, no titles on postcards

Cabin with tall trees
Hiker on Hill with distant view
Road with car driving
Road with car parked
Shore with boats and dock
Shore with tall trees

Panthéon de la Guerre

American Section Showing President
Belgian Section with King Albert
British Section Showing King George
Daddies Returning from the War
French African Troops Returning
Italian Section Poet d'Annunzio
Monument to the Dead
Paul Deroulede Sees His Dream
Return of the Battle Flags French
Russian Section Czar Threatened
Soldiers and Statesmen of France
Temple of Victory

Picturesque Belgium

1. Saint Nicholas Church
4. A Beautiful Corner
5. Old Canal (Bruges)
6. Market Place
7. Folk dances on the market place
8. Folk dances on the market place
9. City Hall (Damme lez Bruges)
10. Le Calvaire
11. A beautiful spot
12. Carillon Tower (Ghent)
13. Flemish peasant folk dance

Picturesque Belgium Comics

A glorious Sunday. Hearing the Carillon
A speakeasy in old time
An old dancing
In the old city of Damme, near Bruges
The primitive gangsters in Old Belgium
The Sing-Sing prison in the old city
The Territorial Defense guard
They admire the old gun
Upon the old bridge. The spiritual society
Ye Old Print Shop

Ripley Believe It or Not 1933

Arthur Plumhoff/Captain Ringman Mack 1933
Believe It or Not Odditorium (black) 1933
Betty Williams/Freda Pushnik 1933
Eye-popper/Speaks/E.L. Blystone 1933
John R.Stone/Spain's Kanichka 1933
John Williams, Agnes Schmidt, et al. 1933
Julius B. Shuster/John Tio/Jivaro Head 1933
Lydia McPherson/H. & L. McGregor 1933
Mule-face Woman/Misc./Singhlee 1933
Paul Desmuke/Ossified Harry 1933

Ripley Believe It or Not 1934

Anato Hayes 1934
Believe It or Not Odditorium (color) 1934
Betty Williams 1934
Francois Russell/Mort Mortenson 1934
Hadji Ali 1934
Homma/Image Hananuma Maasakichi 1934
Joseph Grendol/Robert Everhart 1934
Leo Kongee/Singlee 1934
Martin Laurello/Demetrio Ortiz 1934
Orpha Ensign/Roy Bard 1934
Prof. & Mrs. A.L. Morrell/Roy Gardner 1934
Swami/Paul McWilliams/A. A. Gawley 1934

United Air Lines/Boeing

Air Liner is Flying City (cutaway view)
Fastest Multi-Motored Plane Service
John Bull engine/Boeing monoplane
New Type High Speed Boeing

Valdura Products Paint

Federal Group
Hall of Science
Sky Ride
Travel and Transport Group

Wilson & Co. Meat

Certified Bacon Slicing
Six-Horse Champion Clydesdale Team
Terrace and Roof Garden Restaurants and Soda fountains





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