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Western Photogravure Century of Progress Postcards

1 The Midway
2 Electrical Group
3 Chinese Temple of Jehol
4 Hall of Science
5 Courtyard in Hall of Science
6 Byrd's Polar Ship "City of New York"
7 General Exhibit Buildings
8 Hall of Science and Tower of Sky Ride
9 Detail, Federal Building
10 Chrysler Motors Exhibit Building
11 Court of States Federal Building (MASSACHUSETTS on left)
12 General Motors Building
13 Interior View, Fort Dearborn (bell post in center)
13 Interior, Fort Dearborn (pot on left)
14 Detail, Hall of Science
15 Travel and Transport Dome
16 Illinois Host Building
17 Side View, Agricultural Building
18 Avenue of Flags
19 East Tower, Sky Ride
20 Belgian Village
21 Hall of Religion
22 Entrance, Enchanted Island
23 Dairies Exhibit Building (vertical)
23 Dairies Exhibit Building (horizontal)
24 Midget Village
25 Court of States (…GEORGIA on right)
26 North Approach, Hall of Science
27 Sky Ride and South Lagoon
28 West Entrance Hall of Science
29 Entrance, Streets of Paris
30 Italian Building
31 Main Entrance, Administration Building
32 Art Institute, Housing Art Exhibition
33 Buckingham Fountain
35 The Adler Planetarium
36 John G. Shedd Aquarium
37 Carillon Tower, Hall of Science
38 Thermometer Tower
39 Sears Roebuck Building
40 Old Heidelberg Inn
51 Mainland North from Sky Ride
52 Mainland South from Sky-Ride
56 Armour Pier, North Lagoon
59 Avenue of Flags
60 West Shoreline, South Lagoon
61 Beach Midway (shows Jungle Camp)
62 Beach Midway (shows Shanghai)
63 Standard Oil Animal Show
64 Swift Shell, South Lagoon
65 23rd Street Concourse
67 South Walk at 26th Street
69 South Walk, at Spanish Village
70 South Walk, at Old Heidelberg
72 English Village
73 South Thoroughfare at Midget City
74 Interior, Black Forest (shows ice rink)
75 Interior, Black Forest (shows street)
76 Ford Exhibit
81 Swiss Village
82 Tunisian Village
84 Aerial View of Village Group
88 Ford Exhibit



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