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Postcard Greetings From A Century of Progress

These are actual messages written on these postcards by visitors to the fair. The postcards are representative of the various types issued. Most of my postcards are unused, so I do not have many with interesting greetings. The Windows Into The Past blog

Tower of Water
J. O Stoll Co.

Notes: The tower of water was proposed but not built. June 1 was the original opening date, but the fair actually opened a week earlier.

Jun 1 1933

Hello Dorothy —
Still having a good time. Going shopping now 9:30 AM and to the fair late this afternoon & stay for the evening — Saw my sister this A.M.. Went down town with them. Tell Sohler(?) you don't have to spend a penny except admission.

Hall of Science
Curt Teich Series 1933

Jun 10 1933

My Dear: This Fair is wonderful - an education for any and every age. Will talk to you when I get home as it would easily fill a book to write what we have seen. Youngsters and I are fine and enjoying every minute.

Alligator Farm
Reuben H. Donnelley Black & White Series

Jun 21 1933

Dear Ruth am having a fine time wish you were here

Streets of Paris
Curt Teich Series 1933

Jul 7 1933

Hello Al; couldn’t write sooner. I’ve been busy as hell. Already completed a paint job and am now considering an offer to play in a speakeasy. There’s more dough in working in clubs than in the Worlds Fair. This sure is one tough Burg. You’ll enjoy every minute in this town. Fair is exquisite. I’ll write later.

Administration Building
Curt Teich Series 1933

Jul 29 1933

Dear Alice—Wish you are here with us to enjoy the Fair - The “Adler Planetarium will interest you – Prof. Fox gives a lecture there every hour – (very interesting) – Chicago heat is not very pleasant – Will be leaving here tomorrow –

Sky Ride by Illumination.
Gerson Bros. Series

Aug 2 1933

Having a good time. The fair is a wonderful thing.

Czecho-Slovakian State Pavilion
Bilingual Postcard made by E. C. Kropp

Aug 10 1933

Dear Mrs. Austin,
You really should be back here in your home state now. The Fair is wonderful beyond description, am enjoying myself immensely. Tell your three dear ones Hello.

Hall of Science and Tower of Sky Ride
Western Photogravure Series

Aug 21 1933

Went to the top of this tower today. It is over six hundred ft. high and I was deaf when I returned to earth.

Fort Dearborn
Curt Teich Series 1933

Aug 23 1933

This fort is so realistic it makes one feel as tho they were living years ago.

A Tale of A Century — Chicago 1833 to 1933

© by N. V. Christensen

Aug 25, 1933

I am thoroughly enjoying the Century of Progress at Chicago. Although I have not heard from you for some time I hope you are well again. A am thinking about you. Write me some time. Elinor

Belgian Village
Curt Teich Series 1933

Aug 30 1933

We had dinner here the first evening. We are now in the streets of Paris where there are mobs waiting to see more than they can. There is plenty of activity around here and the grounds are very scenic with a color scheme of orange yellow green blue and silver. Went up in the sky rocket. Yesterday one of the cars stuck halfway across the lagoon and the passengers waited for hours until some heroes (?) walked the cables and brought the car back to safety.

Firestone Exhibit
Advertising Postcard Made by R. R. Donnelley

Sep 6 1933

Arrived here O.K. at about 8 in the morning. Have a Y.M.C.A. room about 18 blocks from fair grounds. (10 min ride) Went to ball game first day. Cubs & Cards was great. Yesterday fair. Is wonderful. Having great time. Sleeping late. Picture on front is one of many things we saw at fair yesterday.

St. Nicholas Church — Belgian Village
Reuben H. Donnelley Black & White Series

Sept 17 1933

Miss Y & I crossed over this bridge before dinner. We just missed a full clog dance but we saw the dancers coming away.

General Exhibit Buildings
Western Photogravure Series

Sep 26 1933

We are just one block from the Lake – our room – 6 miles from fair. Nice ride – Sure some breezes up here.

Hall of Science
Curt Teich Series 1934

June 18 1934

Dear June,
Have had no time to see anything as yet. Will pprobably see the fair on Wednesday if Uncle Henry canh take time off that day. Otherwise I may go tomorrow. I am invited by Rev. S. to go out to lunch with him today. Then I will see the Art Institute, do some purchases and go to Riverwood for a meeting tonight. I am down at the Post Office in the loop now.

Entrance—Illinois Host House
Arena Photo Postcard Color Series

Jul 7 1934

Dear Kids: Arrived O.K. Had a grand time coming down here. Haven't seen anything yet but are leaving for the fair grounds rite now.

Swiss Village
Kaufmann & Fabry, A Genuine Photograph

Aug 7 1934

Dear Papa,
We had a big day yesterday. This is a Swiss water wagon. The village was especially good. Fair is much better, lights are more beautiful than last year. The fountain is lighted at 9 P.M. We stayed to see it and got in about 10:45 P.M. We had a good nights sleep. Hope you are all right.

The Wonder Bakery
Advertising Postcard by Curt Teich

Sep 4 1934

Dear Ingrid,
I went to the fair yesterday and stayed until 11 o'clock. I'm having an extra good time. Wish you were here to keep me company here in Des Plaines.

Looking South Over the World's Fair Grounds
Curt Teich Series 1934

Sep 25 1934

We're enjoying ourselves greatly. Will have some more pictures to show when we see you.

Harrison Hotel
Advertising Postcard by Curt Teich

Oct 15 1934

Dear Grace, Walked to the Fair and had a grand day from 8.30 to 8.30. Suzie (?) so excited her chief thrill is walking over bridges & going up & down stairs. The Fair has many new things but I liked the tone (?) better last year.

Old North Tower In the Colonial Village

Oct 23 1934

Hope you are better - Having a nice time - been to the Fair twice - My Mother and I went yesterday - it was very cold here last evening

Interior Ford Motor Company Exhibit
American Colortype Series 1934

Oct 24 1934

This shows only a part of the exhibition hall. One exhibit shows rubber trees growing and how the latex is gathered and converted into rubber, and the mixture of rubber with other substances for the munufacture of the tires. In a little theatre one may see the whole process of manufacture & assembly. In the gardens outside are show reproductions of "Roads of the World." A fine exhibit.

Note: Most of my postcards are unused, so I do not have many with interesting greetings. The Windows Into The Past blog has many Century of Progress postcards with greetings online here: http://witp.tumblr.com/tagged/century-of-progress



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